Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Basic Features Of A Typical Export Contract

The basic features of an export contract include the following;

1. Quality Specifications

2. Quantity

3. Packaging

4. Contract duration

5. Shipment date

6. Pricing

7. Incoterms

8. Origin of goods

9. Inspection agents

10.Port of loading and port of discharge

11.Shipping line

12.Payment terms

13.Payment methods


15.Dispute resolution


  1. I like your approach:Detailed,simple and straight to the point.

    Digisol Nigeria Limited

  2. thanks for your reply.
    pls i was asking about the neccessary document required for export business,the list of them and where i can get the.
    peter uwalaka.

  3. Kindly click on the following on the right hand bar and see if these postings answer you questions.

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    Securing An Export Contract
    How Do I Obtain An Export License in Nigeria?

  4. please i will like to know how to draw up a sale contract.and which B2B site is best for someone going into the export business for the first time.

  5. Hi Micheal, can you provide your email address let me send a copy od a sale contract to you.
    For the B2B site, Click on Online Trade Portals link of the right panel to see some of the sight. But I think will be a good one for you.