Thursday, November 26, 2009

Exporting from Nigeria

Nigeria is a country naturally blessed and endowed with items that are in serious demand in the export markets around the world. We are not only blessed with solid minerals (besides crude oil) we are also blessed with good climate and weather conditions to support the growth of commodities that are industrially useful in the developed nations. No wonder an Asian will come into this country with a briefcase and 2-5 yrs down the line, he would have become an employer of labour by harnessing our resources to build wealth for himself via export business opportunities in Nigeria.

The postings in this Blog are aimed at awakening Nigerian businessmen, Fund managers and professionals to consider the possibilities of exporting commodities while they are still very active on their present Job. This business is not only very profitable (about 25-100% ROI), it also has a short transaction cycle of about 6-8weeks. It is a very good plan B, and it could therefore constitute very good option in your exit strategy as an employee.

This blog is dedicated to assist you and answer all your questions about exporting commodities in Nigeria with minimal involvement, very low overhead cost and also ensuring the security of your capital.

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  1. Hi Dele congratulations on this great leap/blog.It is my believe that your good effort will benefit the exporter,consultants like me and more so our great country Nigeria;and may your star never dim.

  2. Oyedepo Iyiola OlatundeDecember 1, 2009 at 7:47 AM

    Commendable blog Dele.I wonder how you find the time within your busy schedule?Kudos bro.Im sending you a mail on some ideas shortly

  3. Thank you so much this is an eye opener both to the existing and intending exporters.

  4. I must say I am not shocked at this but i am completely impressed. Do not forget the plan o...

  5. Hello Dele,
    I find your blog very interesting and educative.I have had this idea for a while now. Your blog has just reawakened my zeal.How could I get your contact?You could mail me

  6. Kindly see my contact details below as requested.
    Tel:+2348036522946, +23418131517

  7. You can't believe it sir but i will be printing out all the posts on this blog today because of the richness of the information, This blog alone is enough lecture material for an intending exporter or consultant. Keep up the work

  8. Thanks for your comments and you are free to print all the pages.