Thursday, November 26, 2009

Exportable Commodities in Nigeria



Cashew nut

Chilly pepper (Dried)

Cocoa beans


Finished Leather



Gum Arabic

Horns (Cow)

Hibiscus Flower

Kola nuts


Sesame Seed

Shea nuts/Shea butter

Soya beans

Hides and Skins

Wheat Pellets


  1. hi dele,pls i want to know if one can export soap and catfish.thanks

  2. Thanks for your questions.
    Which type of soap are you looking at? If it is a soap peculiar to Nigeria or Africa, then there could be a market, however if it is the regular soap you already have enough competitors.
    As for catfish, it can be exported but as a dried and probably spiced catfish and not in a wet form.

    Does these answer your questions?

  3. Dele hi, is possible to export already processed food like garri, beans etc.

  4. It is a competitive market out there, therefore our local bean and rice can not match the standard of the global market. However foods of Nigerian origin like garri, pounded yam etc can be packaged in such away to make it acceptable in the international market just as some companies are already doing.

  5. HI dele, i want to start the exportation business, i want to start with exporting charcoal. can you possibly provide me with necessary details or the necessary contact.You can inbox me at

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Soji,
    Thanks for your mail,
    As regards export info, particularly charcoal, I have different options for you.
    I have a free seminar (export sensation programme) that you can attend later this month
    I have a DVD containing our Export Manual which you can read and then ask your questions, it cost NGN2,000
    I do export Mentorship Programme which cost NGN50,000 to hand hold you and assist as long as you need our assistance
    I believe I have answer your questions.

    For more clarification, do not hesitate to contact me.

  7. Hi Dele,
    Thanks for this blog, it's being very insightful so far. Can you tell me about the Palm Oil trade in Nigeria? I'm looking to enter the market so I want to know how lucrative the option is in Nigeria as I am checking out a few other commodities.
    You seem quite knowledgeable, so I think you opinion would be great.

  8. Kindly send your request via mail to

  9. Hi Dele
    I am interested in exporting garri and processed unripe plantain(for diabetics).I intend to package them to required standards.My question is
    1.How profitable is it to export these items
    2.What is the minimum cost of exporting them
    Thank you.

  10. Kindly direct your questions to