Thursday, November 26, 2009

Planning and Preparing For Export

While preparing for export, the following should be considered before deciding on the type of products and volume to be exported;

    1. Availability of products- where to get the commodity?
    2. Availability of Market- where do I sell the commodity?
    3. Capital- how much do I have?
    4. Profitability- how much profit can I make from what I have?
    5. Sustainability- for how long can I get this commodity?


  1. I just found your blog on export today, it is very expository. Please I want to start Kernel and cashew export, how much do i need to start this. thanks

  2. Thanks for your post.
    To learn about the export of these products, I will advice that you attend our monthly export workshop.
    Kindly send a mail to for more details on this.

  3. Goodday Mr. Dele,
    Could you send to my mail box details on how to attend your monthly export workshop. And how lucrative is the exportation of timber from Nigeria if i have a sure guarantee of timber supply for exportation.
    My mail is
    Thank you

  4. Thanks, the details have been sent to your mail box.