Friday, November 27, 2009

Exporting From Nigeria: The Step by Step Processes

1. Read the content of this blog
2. Register a limited liability company through your lawyer
3. Obtain an Export License from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council
4. Prepare and Plan your export (details in other postings
5. Secure an Export Contract
6. Source for products and
Transporting them Lagos
7. Process NXP form and pay NESS fees through your Bank
8. Arrange for warehousing and I
9. Engage a freight forwarder
10.Book a truck and container
11.Loading and sealing of container
12.Transportation and GIT insurance to port
13.Customs Inspection at the port
14.Delivery to the shipping line
15.Obtaining Transport Document from the shipping line
16.Obtaining Inspection report from Cobalt
17.Obtaining Customs documents
18.Forwarding documents to supplier (directly or via your bank)
19.Submission of Post Export Documentations to the bank
20.Payment of Export Proceeds


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