Thursday, January 14, 2010

The ABC Of Transporting Commodities In Nigeria

1.       Avoid booking for a road side truck, it is illegal and could be dangerous
2.       Book your truck at the transporter’s office
3.       Confirm the efficiency of the transport company and their drivers before engaging them
4.       Do a good in transit (GIT) insurance with a reputable insurance company through a good broker
5.       Endeavour to know the capacity of the trucks before loading it
6.       Find a warehouse at the destination before the truck arrival to avoid truck demurrage
7.       Get the contact numbers of the company and the truck driver for proper monitoring during the journey
8.       Hired truck drivers’ attitude could be annoying, please be patient with them
9.       Inquire from other exporters the challenges they face with transport companies so as to prepare your mind
10.   Journey to the destination could be delayed, therefore do not be unnecessary apprehensive


  1. hi dele , pls i need ur asisstance whther u know any one that imports and sells stock fish.pls i knw this nt gdp , bt pls help thanks alot

  2. I am so sorry, I don't really know anyone that does this business. thanks

  3. please,Dele. i deal with a company in china. after i sent some sample, they choose CAD Advance as their payment term. how safer it is?

  4. please Dele, i talk to a company in china about my product. they asked for sample.After they received it they choosed CAD Advance as their payment term. please, how safer it is?

  5. Please do not agree to this mode of payment, its is not secure at all. Insist on confirmed letter of credit.

  6. Hello Mr. Dele, I am Mr. Shola also a preacher of the gospel; please, what is the current export price of dry split ginger presently. Hoping to read from you. I will speak with you on phone tomorrow

  7. Hello,Mr. Dele how are you doing? I have an offer to supply dry split ginger, I wish to ask of the current export price. I got your phone number and will surely speak with you tomorrow.