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Product Profiles:Lead Ore

Description: Lead is a main-group element with symbol Pb (Latin: plumbum) and atomic number is a soft, malleable poor metal. It is also counted as one of the heavy metals. Metallic lead has a bluish-white color after being freshly cut, but it soon tarnishes to a dull grayish color when exposed to air. Lead has a shiny chrome-silver luster when it is melted into a liquid.

Occurrence: Metallic lead does occur in nature, but it is rare. Lead is usually found in ore with  zinc, silver and (most abundantly) copper, and is extracted together with these metals. The main lead mineral is galena (PbS), which contains 86.6% lead. Other common varieties are cerussite  (PbCO3) and anglesite (PbSO4).

Locations: Lead-Zinc occurrences in Nigeria are associated with saline water intrusion in the sedimentary basins or fractured / shear zones in crystalline rocks. The mineralisation is often associated with minor to significant amounts of copper and silver, occurring in lodes filing the fractures within the sedimentary rocks in the Benue Trough as well as in crystalline basement rocks as shown in recent studies by Nigerian Geological Survey Agency. Precisely, Lead/Zinc deposit kind be found in the follow states in Nigeria viz; Nasarawa, Taraba, Plateau, Abia, Ebonyi, Bauchi and Abuja.

The general geology of lower Benue Trough in Abakaliki area is made up of thick sequences (500m) of slightly deformed cretaceous sedimentary rocks made up of essentially of albian shales, subordinate siltstones of the Asu River Group.
There is also the presence of Volcanic and Pyroclastic materials forming elongated conical hills in the cores of the anticlinal Structures. The Abakaliki Lead-Zinc is believed to be of hydrothermal origin emplaced at a low temperature of about 140°C and it is made up of primarily four lodes namely Ishiagu, Enyigba, Ameri and Ameka in the lower Benue Trough located in Ebonyi State.
Other locations of lead ore in Nigeria include Bauchi, Gombe, Plateau, Nassarawa and Zamfara

Specifications: This varies from one buyer to the other. However generally most buyers will prefer the specifications stated in the table below. The lead content could vary from one buyer to the other, but generally for most importers, the other constituent should not be more than the stated percentage.


5% max

Uses: Lead is used in building construction, lead-acid batteries, bullets and shots, weights, as part of solders, pewters, fusible
Alloys and as a radiation shield. Lead has the highest atomic number of all of the stable elements. Lead is a major constituent of Lead- Acid battery. Lead is used as a colouring element in ceramic glazes, notably in the colors red and yellow. Lead is used as projectiles for firearms and fishing sinkers because of its density. Low cost compared to alternative products and ease of use due to relatively low melting point. Lead is also used in high voltage power cables as sheathing material to prevent water diffusion into insulation.

Export market: The market for lead ore especially the overseas market in China is large, expanding and sustainable because of the numerous uses of ore. Buyers usually would like to secure steady source of supply of these products. An exporter that is able to secure a contract at the right price would have an uphill task meeting the demand of the buyer because the output from the mines in Nigeria is low due to the use of crude implement. Other market includes India and some European countries like Germany, Spain and Belgium.

Export Price: Depending on the percentage purity of the lead ore and the prevailing London metal exchange ( price, the FOB price of lead ore could vary from USD600-USD900/MT.

Local price: Depending on the percentage purity and of the lead, the local market price at the loading point could vary from NGN40,000-NGN70,000/MT


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  12. What is the acceptable percentage of silver in the lead ore please.

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