Saturday, November 13, 2010

World Commodity Export Volume Ranking: Cashew Nuts


  1. Hello Dele, i registered a company and started advertizing my product such dried Ginger,Moringa Oleifera,Raw Cashew Nut and Garlic. One company in India contacted me about my Raw Cashew nut Specification. Unfortunately, i am newly introduced to export market. Above all, the new crop is not yet harvested. Let alone to go and test it and give them feed back. Which kind of specification will i give them that will not be much more different after the harvest? Also, i read your article that tells some areas to find Cashew nut across the country. Which area has more qualitative Raw Cashew nut? For export purpose in case when buying? Lastly, they asked me contract sale. What is the format? My this your good deed reflects your children's life.

  2. Kindly send your request to