Saturday, November 13, 2010

World Commodity Export Volume Ranking:Ginger


  1. This is very comprehensive statistics. Thankyou. Just was wondering, why Ethiopia is not include, as there is good amount of Ginger exported from that country

  2. Thanks for your observation. This is a 2008 data, I will note your comment when I revised the chart again.

  3. Hello, Dele, i leave in kano State.I registered a company and started advertising my product such as Dried Ginger,Moringa Oleifera,Garlic and Raw Cashew Nut to so many B2B sites.One company just contacted me for specification of my Raw cashew Nut and Ginger. Unfortunately, i am newly introduced to Export business. Above all, Cashew nut is yet not in the market let alone to measure the specification and give them feed back. My questions are:
    1} Could you tell me normal specification of Raw cashew nut and Ginger that are commonly found and the region form of it that will not make too much difference as it is being harvested?
    2} Could you please tell me the area where their raw cashew nut is more qualitative for the export Market?
    3} What is contract sale?
    4} can i be guided to the format/sample of Seed contract sale via