Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Understanding Cashew Nuts Quality Specifications

The crop season in West Africa is from March to June.There is not a general standard for cashew nuts but some parameters can establish the quality of the cashew and the appreciation on the market

1 - Out-turn / Yield
It is the quantity of cashew kernel that can be obtained after decorticating (remove the shell of a cashew nut) 80 kg of raw cashew nuts. The count is in pounds per 80kg.
A good out turn is from 43 to 48 lbs
An excellent out turn is from 48 to 55 lbs

2-. Nut count
It is the number or raw cashew nuts per kg
170 excellent
180-190 very good
190-200 good
200-210 middle
210-220 low middle
230 limit acceptable
lower: poor
Please note that:
- It is necessary to balance this information with the out-turn
- In West Africa most of the raw cashew nuts, depending the year, have a nut count from 190 to 210.

3- Moisture / Humidity
For export 12% and less otherwise there are risks for the goods during the shipping           

4- Foreign matter
5% max

5- Defective
Lower than 10%

6- Float Rate
This is the total number of cashew nuts that will float when poured into water.  A good float rate is  18%max


  1. Hello Dele, yesterday i was in Nassarawa State trying to meet with some Cashew farmers to make an arrangement before their harvest. luckily, i got almost 10 reliable customers to cashew nut. 3 of those customers ask me to make SGS report for my sample prior shipment. please, could you give me an idea about the SGS charge?
    Similarly, another customer asked me "What is your Cargo Quality?" in which i don't know. Sir, What is that?
    thanks alot dele.

  2. SGS is cost is about N60,000 and cargo quality
    Means the quality specification requested by
    By your buyer.

  3. Hello Dele, ones again. Iam looking for Digital moisture thermometre. Would you tell me where i should find it in Lagos? Also, you outlined a table that contains the names of some market places where Sesame is traded in the north. Such as Dawanau in Kano etc. How i wish you do the same to Raw Cashew nut.
    Thanks Alot.

  4. Alright, thanks for your comments and suggestions.

  5. Please inform.
    Fumigation of raw cashew nut must be done when exported by container?
    how and what product?

  6. Fumigation must be done to get rid of pest inside the container. Federal produce handles this at the port,