Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3T Impex Export Workshop: Participants' Comments in April 2011

 “It is was quite enlightening and was able to motivate   me to start off immediately. I saw the potentials in the export business and the entire process.” Titilayo Abiodun

 “The presenters are well into the business and were able to share their practical knowledge with the participants most importantly the ups and downs and not only book theory. Mentorship arrangement is equally good and evidently appears to be real. The major gain here is the physical contact with the products which were mostly not made available in some workshops. One is equally able to interact with some other participants who have already started exporting even though on a small scale.” Omokemi Bambo

 “The seminar was an eye opener in the sense that most of the discussions were based on the personal experiences of the facilitator. The seminar was very practical, the venue was conducive, training started timely. Export business like other businesses is not to be rushed into and that profit potentials in the export business is only realizable in the long run.” Papa Raphael

 “The seminar was very educating and quite informing. The lectures were very simplified and quite easy to understand. The PowerPoint presentation and the CD made it easier to follow the lectures. The venue was quite conducive. The organization in general was very good. I have been a novice in the export business in Nigeria, but what I learnt from the seminar has opened my eyes to the great opportunities and profit in export. The seminar further taught me a whole of things involve in the export business ranging from: the product sourcing, what products that can be exported, How to source for them. The logistics involve in the export and so on.” Jude Chime

 “Eye opener and quite interactive. Hidden details about contract revealed.” Ademola Taiwo

 “The seminar was an eye opening one. Taken in a clear and concise manner. It exposed me to the hidden opportunities in the export business. Deep knowledge of export business. Exposition into the unexplored areas of the country’s rich economic potentials. Courage to be self reliant/employed.” Leke Olafadehan

“The Course was quite comprehensive and indepth enough to jump start an export trading business. I learnt about Export business, export financing, product sourcing, contract sourcing etc”. Akinyemi Oke


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  2. Hi,we are very interested in your rubber plantation ,can you leave your contact information here ,so we can communicate for it