Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why Mr. President Should Directly Supervise Non-Oil Export Agencies in Nigeria 1

Why Nigeria Export Agencies Should be under the Direct Supervision of Mr. President
Nigeria is a nation with so great a potential to be the best economy in the world. Despite all her potentials, the people are daily suffering among plenty simply because we (both the government and the people) have not given the desired attention to sectors of the economy that will enable the populace create sustainable wealth. Many articles, publications and seminars/workshop have been organized to talk about this problem but very little has been done on the solutions. The few solutions proffered are not followed to the letter simply because the executives and MDAs in charge are not doing their jobs with singleness of purpose and desperation to make it succeed. However, with the political will of the presidency thrown behind this sector, we can still make a headway against all odds.

It’s no more news that we have experienced economic boom at one time in the history of our country, thanks to the export of Agricultural commodities. During this period, we were producing more commodities than we can consume as a nation and we therefore needed to sell them to other countries.  So we brought in the hard currencies, strengthens the Naira, improve our balance of trade and create employment and wealth for our people.

In our postings on suggested solutions to SME exporters’ problems, we named some agencies that needed to be established by law in order to facilitate the export business in Nigeria. For these agencies to be able to function effectively, we will suggest that all export related agencies of the federal government (both the old ones and the new ones that we suggested should be established by law on this blog), should be under the direct supervision of Mr. President. This is to enable this sector gets the desire attention it deserves from the presidency. Supervision by the presidency will show how important this sector is to us as a nation. The fact that the head of the export agencies have to report directly to the presidency on progress made will make them all the civil servants working with them take their job more seriously and thus achieve the targets set for them by the presidency.

The presidency should come up with a road map and export growth strategy for Nigeria and personally monitors its execution. In one of the numerous speeches of the American president, he said every $1 billion in goods and services the United States exports "supports more than 5,000 jobs in the United States.”  He also said that "So, the more we sell overseas, the more jobs we create on our shores," he said. "That's why, last year, I set a goal for this country: to double our exports by 2014. And it's a goal we're on track to meet."
If American president could realize the impact of export despite their current economic status which is still ranked among the topmost in the world and "For the first time, the United States of America is launching a single, comprehensive strategy to promote American exports," I think as a nation, we need to learn from Obama and do something really serious about our Non-Oil export sector very fast.

If the federal government is really serious about Industrialization, job creation, strengthening of Naira and growing the economy as projected, then exportation sector should be taken more seriously by the government and supervised by the presidency directly because of its immense benefit to any nation.

On a final note, if you are reading this blog and you have access to the presidency or people in authority and position of power, you will do the nation well to point their attention to the valuable suggestions that we have made available via this medium.

Long Live Federal Republic Of Nigeria !!!

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