Friday, June 24, 2011

How Do I Obtain An Export License in Nigeria?


The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) is the agency saddled with the responsibility of promoting the non-oil export and the issuance of the export licenses in Nigeria.

The license can be obtained within one week in any of the NEPC offices across the country. This license costs NGN10,000.00/ 2year.

To obtain an export license from NEPC as Cooperative society or as a limited liability company. The following documents are required from a limited liability :

1.A duly completed export license application form obtained from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council.

2.Copy of certificate of incorporation

3.Memorandum and articles of association

4.Certified true copy of Form C.O.7 and C.O.2

The original copy of the filled, signed and sealed form and copies of all the other documents will be submitted to the NEPC office.

The Lagos office of NEPC is located at 13/15 Ladipo Oluwole Street, Liverpool Area Apapa, Lagos.


  1. hello please how do deal with measurement

  2. Hi Sir thanks for your information on trading of Cocoa Beans...Would love to know how much I would require to commence a profitable export trade in cocoa beans and I how I would find ready buyers. Currently, I have access to N500,000.00 naira. I would appreciate your response in this regard Sir. Thank you.

  3. To commence a profitable export of cocoa you need about N1 million

  4. thank you so much. pls can i know how much it will cost to start a profitable charcoal bizness