Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Export Business Options: Armchair Exporter

Armchair Exporter: These are exporters that fully outsourced the entire operational arm of their export business.They only provide funds in their account and release the funds as the need arises in the export process. The return on investment for this option could range from 10-25%.

We are able to effectively serve this group of exporters at 3T Impex through our Export Execution Service. This service is designed to assists our clients to carry out all the export processes (export planning, contract sourcing, product sourcing, documentations, inspection and logistics) in the client's company name, from the beginning to the receipt of the export proceeds from the buyer’s Bank abroad.  (For more information, click this link 

This Export business option is suitable for:
1. Professionals that  would like to start a business while still in a paid employment.
2. Individuals who are looking for multiple streams of income.
3. Employee who wants to test the waters before quitting paid employment.
4. Businessmen that want to divest but do not have time to monitor the new business.
5. Financial Institution looking for viable investment opportunities.
6. Retirees that looking for less stressful business opportunities.
7. Those that are tired of the Rat race in the work place.

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