Monday, August 8, 2011

Export Contract Sourcing Training Manual on DVD

Content of Export Contract Sourcing Manual On DVD:
  • Over 2 hours of Audio Export Presentation in MP3 Format
  • About 80 pages of Export presentation in PDF format
  • List of buyers abroad mainly from Europe and Asia
  • Almost 200 website addresses for World Trade Leads and Portals
  • Export Contract samples for Lead Ore, Zinc Ore, Cashew nut and Charcoal
  • Cost profile and ROI Calculator for 12 commodities
  • Export Prohibition List
  • Sample of Shipping line Schedule
  • Letter of credit sample
  • Commodity Harvest Seasons
  • Estimated Freight Charges mainly for Ports in Europe and Asia

 Lists Of Commodities Buyers and Addresses Include:
  • Buyers of Nigeria food Stuffs in the UK
  • Buyers of Nigeria Commodities in India
  • Buyers of Gum Arabic in Europe
  • Buyers of Hardwood Charcoal in Europe
  • Buyers of Sesame Seeds in Europe
  • Buyers of Spices in Europe
  • Buyers of Groundnuts/Peanuts in Europe
  • Buyers of Soya Beans in Europe
  • Netherland and German buyers of Hibiscus Flower, Ginger and Shea butter
        Sales Outlets and Distributors urgently needed Nationwide.

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