Monday, September 5, 2011

EXPORT CONNECT: Export Contract Demand and Supply

A. Export Contracts Available for Sale- We have the following export contracts available for sale.
  1. 200MT of lead ore (LC)
  2. 100MT of Mica (BC)
So if you are interested in executing any of these export contracts please call 08036522946, 01-8131517

B. Export Contracts in Demand- We have exporters in need of the following export contracts:
  1. Hardwood Charcoal
  2. Sheanut
  3. Shea butter
  4. Shelled Groundnut 
 So if you are a broker /buyer’s rep from abroad and you have export contracts for these products please call 08036522946, 01-8131517


  1. Being a broker, i have contract for Copper Ore from Australlia.


  2. Its ok, can we see the terms and conditions?

  3. What are the terms n conditions of the lead ore contract. Also what is the delivery destination?

  4. The contract have various terms and condition. Kindly be specific on the ones you are interested in.

  5. I am interested in 50% lead content contract. So what are the terms and conditions?

  6. I read on your site that export of charcoal from Nigeria is banned. When is this law taking effect?

  7. I think it will take effect from when the FEC ratifies it.