Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The Vision
Our Vision is to contribute significantly to the growth of Nigerian GDP to match and surpass that of the developed nations of the world via industrialization driven by export.

The Goal
3T Impex has set a goal to create 1000 Exporters within the next 5years.This means at least about 17 exporters is to be created per month and 200 exporters should be created per year to achieve this goal.

The Strategy
Awareness- we create awareness online via blogging (, radio programme (Choice 103.5 FM every Tuesday by 6.30pm), Newspaper publications and via SMS.
Capacity Building- we facilitate FREE export seminars for groups, Export Workshops for intending exporters and Export Business Support training for young graduates.
Support Services- to enable the exporters to get started as soon as possible, we render support services like Export Mentoring Service, Export Information Service, Contract Sourcing Service etc.

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