Monday, August 6, 2012


The Nigerian Export-Import Bank was established as an Export Credit Agency (ECA) through Act 38 of 1991. The Bank is owned 100% by the Federal Government of Nigeria, with equal shareholding by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Ministry of Finance Incorporated (MOFI)
The Bank’s broad mandates include the following:
  • Provision of export credit in local and foreign currency.
  • Provision of export credit guarantee and export credit insurance facilities.
  • Establishment and management of funds connected with exports.
In addition to the aforementioned core mandate of the Bank, the following are also being undertaken:
  • Export and Support Services
  • Business and financial Advisory Services
  • Trade and Market Information
The Bank’s funding support by way of finance and guarantee that are geared towards both import and export are from the any of the underlisted products/services:
a) Export Finance
The Bank’s key funding products for export facilitation includes the following:
  •  Rediscounting & Refinancing Facility (RRF): designed to assist banks to provide pre and post-shipment finance in local currency to their export clients.
  • Stocking Facility (SF): Provides financing in local currency to enable manufacturers stock seasonal inputs required to keep production at optimal levels of production throughout the year.
  • Local Input Facility (LIF): Supports manufacturers of export products with medium to long term finance for the acquisition of new plants; expansion of existing capacity; and procurement of spare parts, as well as packaging raw materials amongst others.
  • Direct Lending Facility (DLF): is a funding variant that allows for direct provision of short to long-term export credits to eligible exporters. The loan obligor in this case is the exporter.
  • Export Credit Guarantee Facility (ECGF): For export transaction, the Bank Risk-bearing facilities are designed for the acquisition of industrial plant and machinery on deterised payment terms and the obtaining of proceeds of exports in advance by exporters such as Advance Payment Guarantee (APG)
  • ECOWAS Trade Support Facility (ETSF): NEXIM has developed the
  • ECOWAS Trade Support Facility (ETSF) to assist shippers take advantage of the huge potentials that exist within the ECOWAS corridor. Ultimately, ETSF will promote formal trade, economic integration and cooperation amongst countries in the ECOWAS Sub-region.

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