Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The Challenges of EEG Implementation include the following:
1.                 The poor state of infrastructure.
2.                 Raw materials still dominate our exports
3.                 The phenomena of globalization. Nigeria is an infant player
4.                 Poor image of Nigeria
5.                 High incidence of unrecorded trade
6.                 Effective implementation of EEG is still a big challenge:
7.                 Delays in processing of claims caused by-:
8.                 Poor or inadequate documentation
9.                 Actions or inactions of other agencies in the processing chain
10.              Deliberate attempt by some exporters to circumvent extant guidelines; shipping without CCI etc
11.              Aversion to inspection of company facilities or validation of claims
12.              Backlog of claims arising from external factors
13.              Uncertainty caused by unpredicted government policies
14.              Overcoming the stigma of the 2004 suspension of EEG
15.              Occasional resort to blackmail by those who have no stake in the scheme

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