Wednesday, October 17, 2012


  • One of the major discouragements in the process of EEG claim is the unending delays. These delays are mainly due to a number factors which are caused by the exporters and the government MDAs that are directly involved in the process.
  1. Inherent delays in processing of claims to payment stage were a characteristic of the old system.
  2. The new EEG scheme (from 2005 to date) has in-built processes that have mitigated delays.
  3. Only claims without adequate documentation or not in line with the guidelines get stuck in the processing chain.
  4. Exporters who want to flout the guidelines are the most complainants of delays.
  5. Submission of incomplete and illegible documents by exporters
  6. Inability to contact such exporters due to non functional Telephones, Faxes, and E-mail addresses
  7. NXPs that fail any of the 10 rules cannot be processed by  the program.
  8. Submission of applications and relevant documents after deadlines
  9. Some companies used delay tactics to avoid inspection of their factories
  10. Late confirmation of repatriation proceeds by CBN
  11. Some vital documents to facilitate CBN’s confirmation were trapped in the failed banks sequel to the consolidation exercise.
  12. CBN does not confirm proceeds to NEPC unless it receives the Nigeria Customs copy of the NXP involved.
  13. Late approvals by FMF for issuance of NDCCs
  14. NDCCs are manually written and they come in quadruplicates so it takes some time to write them, especially when the companies are many and the denominations are smaller.
  15. Where an exporter is involved in double–dipping, its claims would be withheld until it discharges its bonds and is cleared by the Nigeria Customs Service.
  16. Where the inspection report about a company is not favourable, such claims are stepped down until the issues are resolved.
  17. In more serious cases where exporters are referred to the Inter-Ministerial Committee, their claims are also withheld, pending the outcome of their cases.

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