Monday, October 15, 2012


Export Expansion Grant (EEG) is a post- shipment export incentive scheme that is designed to induce non- oil exporters whose minimum annual export turnover is N5 Million. The scheme is aimed at assisting exporters to expand their volume and value of non- oil exports, diversify export markets and make them more competitive in International markets. It was established by the Export (Incentives & Miscellaneous Provisions) Act of 1986.It is being administered by inter-ministerial committee which include the following: Federal Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigerian Custom Service, Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Special assistance to the President on MAN.
                    Meets regularly to consider and approve claims
                    Conducts inspection visits to factory premises of applicants
                    Recommends abnormal cases to Inter Ministerial- Committee for possible sanctions
                    Hosts the Secretariat of the scheme
                    Receives applications on EEG claims
                    Processes EEG claims ( in conjunction with PwC )
                    Convenes meetings of the Implementation Committee
                    Issues and sends NDCCs to FMF for counter signature
                    Releases countersigned NDCCs to beneficiaries
                    Issues broad policy guidelines for EEG ( being a fiscal policy matter).
                    Authorises the issuance of NDCCs
                    Authorises the release of NDCCs
                    Represented on the EEG Implementation Committee
                    Chairs the Inter Ministerial Monitoring Committee
                    Confirms repatriation of proceeds, and forwards the information to NEPC before any claim can be presented for approval,
                    Approve EEG claims in conjunction with other members of the EEG Implementation Committee at the EEG IC meetings.
                    Verifies forms NXP to CBN
                    Approves EEG claims in conjunction with other members of the EEG Implementation Committee at the EEG IC meetings.
                    Handles utilization of NDCCs for import duty payment
                    Processes EEG claims in conjunction with NEPC
                    Prepares claims value report
                    Conducts revalidation of EEG claims
                    PWC’s role terminated with the processing and revalidation of up to 2008 claims. 

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