Monday, October 15, 2012


Baseline Data
                    Exporters submit Baseline Data which includes Audited financial statements and information on operational capacity
                    Baseline data is used to determine the EEG rate for one year only
                    The rate so determined is applied to EEG applications for that particular year
                    EEG applications are submitted after baseline data
                    All applications for EEG are completed in duplicate with the following documents:
Import documents:  ( If raw materials are imported)
                    CRI-   (clean report of inspection)
                    Bill of Lading
                    SGD-  ( Single Goods Declaration)
                    Asycuda printout
                    Final commercial invoice
                    Receipt of payment of import duty and other charges
Export documents:
                    NEPC non-oil data form
                    Clean Certificate of Inspection (CCI)
                    Forms NXP duly certified by NCS, pre-shipment inspection agents and processing bank
                    Single Goods Declaration (SGD) forms, duly endorsed by Nigeria Customs Service
                    Final commercial invoice
                    Bill of Lading
                    Certificate of Manufacture ( for Merchant exporters only)
                    Any other documentation as may be required by NEPC from time to time
Processing EEG Applications
                    NEPC forwards NXPs to CBN for confirmation of export proceeds
                    Applications are passed to the Processing Room for data capturing
                    CBN returns both confirmed and unconfirmed NXPs to NEPC
                    Confirmed NXPs are processed further
                    Unconfirmed NXPs are re-submitted to CBN ( after a while) for confirmation
                    CBN will not confirm an NXP until it receives the copy from Nigeria Customs Service
                    PwC compiles value report for EEG meeting
                    EEG Implementation Committee meets to consider the value report
                    NEPC forwards the minutes of meeting and approved value report on claims to FMF for final approval and authorization to issue NDCCs
                    FMF approves the issuance of NDCCs
                    NEPC writes the NDCCs and signs its column before sending them to FMF for counter signature
                    FMF countersigns and returns certificates to NEPC
                    NDCCs are released to beneficiaries by NEPC
The Redesigned EEG - Features
                    Based on the objectives of NEEDS
                    Introduction of baseline data and weighted eligibility criteria
                    Rates are now mainly company – specific and not wholly product – based as in the old guidelines
                    Double – Dipping is not allowed (An exporter must choose one among existing export incentives, e.g. EEG or MEIBS and not both)
                    The organized private sector and other stakeholders were fully involved in the designing of the final templates
                    Companies can even compute their EEG rates from their baseline data.

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