Monday, November 5, 2012

3% Rise In Global Coffee Exports at 107.8 million Bags

NEW DELHI: World coffee exports increased by 3 per cent to 107.8 million bags during the recently ended coffee year, which ended in September, due to increased shipments from Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico among others, as per the data released by International Coffee Organisation (ICO).

In 2010-11 crop year (October-September), the worldwide shipments of the brew stood at 104.7 million bags (of 60 kg each).

Exports in the 2011-12 coffee year registered an upward trend in Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, Cote D' Ivorie, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, etc, International Coffee Organisation (ICO) data added.

However, the shipments of the brew plunged in major exporting countries of Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia and India, it added.

In coffee year 2011-12, exports of Arabica totalled 66 million bags as compared to 67.8 million bags last year, whereas robusta exports amounted to 41.8 million bags compared to 36.9 million bags in 2010-11.

Global coffee exports appreciated by 3 per cent to 7.94 million bags in September 2012 compared with 7.71 million in September 2011.

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