Monday, November 26, 2012


Dear readers, we (3T Impex Consulting ltd) are very glad to inform you all that this blog is 3years today November 26, 2012.

We want to first of all give all glory to the Almighty God  who have given us the privilege to use this platform to reach out to thousands of individuals that visit this blog on a monthly basis.

This blog, titled Exporting From Nigeria ( and started 3years ago as an avenue to provide free Export information to people: firstly within Nigeria (to enable them know what can be exported and how to go about the export business ) and secondly outside Nigeria (to enable them know how to import from Nigeria or come into Nigeria to start export business). 

The impacts of the blog cut across different continents and groups of people (M.Sc Students, Businessmen, Researchers, Export Marketing Companies, Importers of Nigerian Commodities, Intending and Existing Exporters within and outside Nigeria) as evidenced on the comments of visitors on the blog. 

This blog have really come a long way within the past 3years. From inception  till date, it has recorded over 230 people as registered visitors. The monthly visitors have increased from nothing to almost 5,000 per month. The monthly page views by these visitors have grown from zero to almost 10,000 as at last month.

Our vision in the coming years is to use this platform to attract partners in Europe and America (just the way we already have one in Asia) who will work as sales agents for Nigerian exporters abroad. This partner will simply source for buyers of Nigerian commodities abroad, link them to us and facilitate the trade between these companies and exporters from Nigeria and they will also earn a commission in the process.

We want to thank the Almighty God once again for His wisdom and our regular visitors for their interest and valuable contribution to growth and development of the blog.

Its has been:
Three amazing years years of Promoting non-export in Nigeria
Three incredible years of Creating small and medium scale exporters in Nigeria
Three awesome years of Growing small and medium scale exporters in Nigeria

Long live !
Long live 3T Impex Consulting Ltd !!
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria !!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! This is what success is all about, impacting the world with the investment of your personality. Congratulations Mr.Bamidele Ayemibo & the 3T Impex consulting Limited Team for your selfless labour of love. It shall be from glory to glory, grace to grace. In Jesus name. Amen. Esther Adeyemi-Junaid (Mrs)