Monday, April 29, 2013


TARGET: Staff of Banks and Financial Institutions.
This International Trade Finance Workshop is targeted at the staff of three major units (that are very critical to the success of any international trade Operations and Finance) of Banks and other Financial Institutions. These two units include:
1.       Foreign Operations/Global Trade Services/International Operations
2.       Bankers in Risk Management Unit
3.       Bankers in Business Development Unit (marketers)

BENEFITS of the Workshop.
At the end of the training, the participants are expected to have a better understanding of:
  1. The risk and benefits of payment of the payment methods in international trade
  2. The applications and benefits of Uniform Customs Practice in document examination
  3. The significance of International Standard Banking Practice in document examination
  4. The roles of the banks under Uniform Rules for Bank to Bank Reimbursement
  5. The relevance of International Standby Practice in international trade
  6. The basic principle and application of Uniform Rules for Collection
  7. The obligations of buyers and seller in any international trade transaction as defined by the Incoterm 2010 in sale contracts
  8. The principles and applications of need for Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantee in International trade
About the 3T Impex Trade Academy: This is the foremost international trade training organization in Nigeria. Our faculty has a team of seven trade finance experts with local and international exposures in the field of trade finance and aggregate experience of about 50years. We run a very unique trade academy with highly enriching training programmes and next to none in value adding to our training participants when compared to other trainers. We are unparallel in the quality of our delivery during any of our international trade workshop because our facilitators combine:
1.       Theoretical knowledge ( via numerous certifications in trade rules and articles)
2.       Banking Background (structured trade finance and document processing)
3.       Trade Execution ( Port Logistics, forwarding and Documentation experiences)
To deliver great value to the staff of Banks and financial institutions who are our clients.

About the Programme Director: Bamidele Ayemibo is one of the Nigerian contributor to the 2010 and 2012 Global trade finance survey and also one of the regular writer of export development strategies and trade finance articles for a European based Export Academy ( in Ireland. He is very well equipped and qualified to coordinate this programme because of his banking experience (during which he worked at the
Trade operations and Finance units) and numerous Trade Certifications which include Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS), International Standby Practice (ISP) Master, UCP 600 Upskill, International Trade Specialist (ITS), Advance Certificate In International Trade (ACIT) and Finance of International Trade (FIT) to mention a few.


Understanding the Principles and Applications of Trade Rules and Articles is one of the international trade training programmes of 3T Impex Consulting Limited. It covers 7 different trade rules and articles of the International Chambers of Commerce and these include: Uniform Custom Practice (UCP600), International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP), Uniform Rules for Bank to Bank Reimbursement (URR725), International Standby Practice (ISP), Uniform Rules for Collection (URC522), International Commercial Terms (Incoterms 2010), Uniform Rule for Demand Guarantee (URDG).
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