Thursday, September 4, 2014


In a bid to execute our primary objective of promoting export business in Nigeria, our research has shown that the individuals that possesses the capacity and requisite skills to grow the business in Nigeria are either engaged actively in other sector of the economy and do not have an idea or have a faint knowledge of the business and some even have a negative perception of the export business. We have studied what the business has done for other countries and we are positive that growing export business in Nigeria would stimulate industrialization, job creation, an increase in GDP and the Nigerian economy in general to mention a few.

In our effort to get across to these persons (professionals, cooperatives, small scale businessmen), we have put together an export training product in a pack called e-Export Seminar. Considering the great importance of export to any nation, coupled with our firm commitment to promote the business in Nigeria, we have therefore deemed it fit to distribute over 30,000 copies of e-export seminar pack for free to the professionals, cooperatives, commodity merchants and small scale business owners in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

The current sales price for each of this pack is presently =N=12,000 ($80). Printing 30,000 copies of the training pack will reduce the cost of production, packaging, publicity through free seminar and distribution to =N=5,000($ 35) per copy. In all, we will need a total sum of =N=150,000,000 naira ($ 1Million) to execute this export promotion project from September to November 2011 in Nigeria. This will enable the new exporter take advantage of the new Agric commodity season which starts from November/December yearly. However we will not have to wait till we get all the funds before we commence this project. We planned to start production in August and continue as the funds come in.

We are therefore seeking sponsorship from any organization to facilitate the production, packaging, publicity and distribution of this product in all the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria including Abuja. We are also assuring that such organization in return will also gets its deserved publicity for the good work and great support for our dear country because, the name and logo of the organization will be listed as part of the sponsors on our exquisite product pack.

Content of training pack
Export manual on DVD, Writing materials (pen and jotter)

Content of export manual on DVD
·  Over 4 hours of audio export presentation in MP3 format
·   Over 110 pages of export presentation in PDF format
·   Product profiles for 13 different commodities (Agricultural and Solid minerals)
·   Almost 200 website addresses for world trade leads and portals
·   Export contract and letter of credit samples
·   Pre-export documentation samples
·   Nigeria export promotion council resource for export beginners
·   Cost profile and ROI calculator, Export prohibition list
·   Sample of shipping line schedule.
 Highlights of products profile on DVD
·   Product description and location
·   Harvest seasons
·   Product locations in different  parts of Nigeria
·   Standard product specifications
·   Export market around the world
·   Local market price range
·   Export market price range
·   Profitability and cost profile table 
We we will be awaiting your generous donations. For more information on this initiative and if any of the interested sponsor will like to request for a copy of the e-Export Seminar Pack, please call +234 803 6522 946 or mail

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