Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guidelines For Export Of Food Commodities (Processed Or Semi-Processed Food)

Applicant shall apply to:
The Director-General,

For a Health or Export Certificate
A copy is to be sent to:
The Director,
Ports Inspection Directorate, NAFDAC,
The Zonal Head
NAFDAC-in the appropriate geographical zone.

The above application should be submitted three weeks prior to the date of intended exportation.

The application shall indicate the following:
·         Name of Exporter/Manufacturing or warehouse site address.
·         Product intended for Export (Quantity/ Net weight, Batch Number,
·         Expiry date and Manufacturing date, pack size specified)
·         Consignee’s name and address
The applicant shall present photocopies of the following:
·         Registration Certificate with Export Promotion Council
·         Shipping documents:
a)      NXP form (Nigeria Export Proceed form)
b)      Proforma Invoice
c)       Phytosanitary Certificate ( from Plant Quarantine)
·         Export Order
·         Quality specification by the Importing Countries
·         Agrochemical used in growing and storage of commodity
·         Packing List

Inspection and Sampling
On receipt of the application, inspection is conducted by the Agency at the company’s establishment for sampling of the Food Commodities for Laboratory analysis.
The parameters to be accessed in the establishment are as follows:
·         Location of the premises
·         Personnel
·         Equipment & Facilities
·         Raw materials and their application
·         Standards put in place such as GMP, GAP,, HACCP, GHP etc
·         Source of water supply  and purification system where applicable
·         Documentation
A Health Certificate will be issued by NAFDAC if the report of the inspection and the result of the Laboratory analysis is satisfactory.

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