Friday, August 12, 2016

Unilag Partners with 3T Impex to Promote Export Education in Nigeria

In order to address the current challenges of foreign exchange shortage in our country, the management of 3T Impex Trade Academy (an arm of 3T Impex Consulting) has partnered with University of Lagos to develop and run different diploma programmes in international trade in Nigeria. These include Executive Diploma in Export Business Management and Executive Diploma in Export Trade Finance.These Executive Diploma in Export Trade Programmes have been designed as a professional qualification to recognize competence of international trade and finance practitioners. It will enable the students to demonstrate practical knowledge and understanding of complex issues relating to export trade and finance. It is ideal for people who are new to export, as well as experienced export companies because it will provide successful experts with a thorough grounding in the key areas of foreign trade.

The basic objective of this course is to provide to the country with a steady stream of competent men and women with the necessary knowledge, skills and foundations for acquiring a wide range of rewarding careers into the rapidly expanding world of exportation. It is designed to provide all the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary to manage all the technical aspects related to export trade business operations and financing.

The target market or groups of professionals for these programmes include: Bankers, Commercial Banks, Developmental Banks, Exporters, Importers, Young graduates, Farmers, Miners and Manufacturers.

Job Opportunities
Upon completion of this course, students who are young graduates become a valuable talent for exporting companies and importing companies that are planning to setup an export business. The students with work experience are equipped with skills that empower them to favourably compete for trade related jobs in the global space.

Course Structure
Each of the training programme is divided into about 3 modules and each module comprises of about 5-6 subjects or topics that addresses specific area of export trade business.

To be eligible to apply for these programmes (Executive Diploma in Export Business Management and Executive Diploma in Export Trade Finance), the student needs to hold a bachelor degree or advance/higher diploma in any discipline with or without work experience especially in banks, importing and exporting companies.

Duration & Costs
The duration of each of the training programme shall be for a minimum of 90 hours (this majorly comprises of class room lectures and interaction with the facilitators). Based on the number of days required to complete these courses, the availability and convenience of the students, we have designed 3 options.

The features and costs are stated below:
Weekend Course: 4 hours every Saturday for six months – N200,000.00
Weekday Course: 4 hours every Tuesday and Thursday for three months – N150,000.00
Fast track Course: 6 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for six weeks – N175,000.00

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