Wednesday, August 17, 2016

You Need A Diploma In Export Trade Finance

This is the story of a banker who recently has an encounter with a Chinese immigrant in Nigeria. It lays credence to the increase in export activities in Nigeria and hence the need for you to get equipped through this course Executive Diploma In Export Trade Finance and thus become an actor and beneficiary of the profits in the new export trend either as an employee or an employer of labour.

Here is the story:
Most Nigerians currently feel like hanging Mr. President.Particularly, the importers, due to the dollar rise. I've been feeling the same way too, until I had an encounter with a Chinese guy, and I've tagged my feelings as stupidity.  

This Chinese guy has a factory where he manufactures furniture here in Nigeria. One of his raw material is wood, which he sources from Nigeria, because Nigerian wood is cheap and of the best quality. But he has to import other accessories. But one of the amazing thing is, since the rise of the dollar, the guy has been importing accessories, yet he has not increased the price of his products. So how come? This guy put his wife in charge of the factory, while he spends most of his time at Shagamu, in Ogun State, buying timber and exporting to China.  

The money from the exported timber that was supposed to be transferred back to him here in Nigeria, is been used to buy the furniture accessories he uses for production. By so doing, he doesn't need to buy dollar. So he said: "Emmanuel, I don't have problem with dollar rising to N500...because I don't need it for anything."

He said his Indian friend does the same thing with ginger export. While the only thing we Nigerians do is exporting our complaints on social media. So the Indians and the Chinese are busy coming up with strategies that have defied the dollar challenge, while we Nigerians are shouting 'dollar is high'. Again it is all about taking advantage of the situation to move ahead instead of just wailing on social media. Let's all start THINKING and DOING even as we criticise government policies we don't like!

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