Thursday, April 6, 2017

Project 6 x 6000 Exporters

Project 6 x 6000 Exporters is an initiative of 3T Impex Trade Academy and it is aimed at raising Legion of Exporters in the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria. It targeted at creating 6,000 Micro, Small & Medium Scale (MSME) Exporters in each of the 6 zones of the country by 2025. It involves a FREE export workshop and advisory services for different group of people in different parts of the country.

The Target group include:
-Religious Organisations
-NGOs etc

The rational behind this is that, if we can build capacity of the MSME to export semi processed or finished goods on a small scale, then they can grow the non-oil export volume within a short time. We are focusing only on group of people who already have something in common and therefore could export together in groups or in clusters. 

The Objectives of this initiative include:
-to educate the public about export business planning & preparation 
-to enlighten the public on the export business possibilities 
-to enlarge the scope of exportable products 
-to empower the people with info on export business processes 
-to encourage the people to team up to exportation 
-to create employment via export business promotion

Kindly note that before we can honour your invitation, you must be able to gather at least 50 people together from your organisation and they must have pre registered with their phone numbers and emails sent to us for confirmation before we can come for the training. The training is done FREE of charge, for location outside Lagos, the organisation will bare our transport and accommodation costs. The organisation is also allowed to decide the honorarium.

To send us your invitation, kindly provide the information below and send it to

Training Location 
Proposed Date
Proposed Time

Project 6 x 6000......Raising Legion of Exporters

For More Information, kindly visit our website.

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