Friday, September 8, 2017

Career Transition & Retirement Planning

Career Transition is a 1hour, 7mins DVD with remarkable features and benefits to transit from paid employment to being your own boss.

One of the features is that it teaches you how to understand the proper definition of work, the place of passion, talent and market as well as the types and levels of money. It exposes you the critical phases of a successful career and overcoming the challenges of entrepreneurship. It provides you with the five sources of capital for business take off & growth alongside understanding the vision and core ideology of business.

The benefits of the Career Transition DVD is that it helps you know the easy steps to becoming your own boss and seeing great business opportunities around you. Career Transition practically demonstrate how to write a bankable business plan. It prepares you for retirement & retrenchment. It assist you in overcoming the fear of the unknown. It shows how easy it is to access capital as well as ways to handling mistakes and failure in business.

It costs N5, 000 and can be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria. Please call 08091244449 or tweet @3timpextrade

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