Friday, September 22, 2017

Exporters Incur Huge Losses Due to Port Grid Lock

Reports gathered by 3Timpex trade academy reveals that a number of exporters are incurring huge losses as a result of the gridlock currently going on in the Apapa axis area of Lagos.  Considering the fact that more than 50% Import Export trade happens through the Lagos port, it is very sad to note that both the Federal and State government have not really done much in terms of reducing the impact of the gridlock on trade and citizens.

 According to an Exporter who pleaded anonymous said this ‘incidence is portraying a great danger on the current diversification project as we are made to believe, then the focus should not just be on farming and mining but also on the transport of the goods and citizens in and out of the port’. Exporters of agricultural commodities have had to keep their goods at the warehouses longer than necessary and thereby incurring losses through interest on loan, warehousing cost and deteriorating agricultural commodities, demurrage on trucks and containers.

 In similar vein, the Chairman, Seaport Terminal Operators of Nigeria, Mrs. Ify Haastrup expressed fears that the congestion at the port is due to the ongoing palliative work being done on the Apapa Ijora/Wharf road.  She explained that it was difficult for containers to enter the ports because empty containers that had been offloaded were unable to get out due to the traffic situation.

 To this end, it is sad to know that this is causing a lot of problems for intending and established exporters who are currently confused as to the way out of their current predicament.

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