Friday, October 13, 2017

Prohibited Wood Export Makes Top 3 Export from Nigeria in 2016

Despite the prohibition of wood export by the Federal Government, it is sad to note that wood makes the top three export from Nigeria in 2016.

According to data from, Wood export from Nigeria account for 0.8% of the total export from Nigeria which represents $279.4M in 2016.

The top export products in Nigeria as usual was crude oil and this was $31.9b which represents (91.6%) of the total export from Nigeria in 2016. This is followed by Cocoa which was $899.1m and thus accounts for 2.6% of export from Nigeria.

Wood export, though prohibited, is still been exported massively out of Nigeria. This is not a good sign for the current drive in the World towards green energy, climate change and ensuring that the environment is preserve so that we do not leave the earth worse than we met it.

Other top exports from Nigeria include Oil Seeds which is ranked fourth, accounts for 0.8% ($279.2M) of the total export from Nigeria in 2016, Raw Hides and Skins accounts for 0.6% ($216.7m),  Ores, Slags and Ash accounts for 0.5% ($169m), Aluminum accounts for 0.4% ($134.9m), Copper accounts for 0.3% ($109.8m), Fish accounts for 0.3% ($107.2m) and lastly, Fruits and Nuts accounts for 0.2% ($65.6m).

In light of this, Experts are calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria to put in place stricter regulations that would ensure that wood products especially the unprocessed ones does not escape the shores of the country through any of land, air and sea borders.

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