Thursday, January 18, 2018

AFED Initiative Update: 51% Of Samples Successful

The results of the Selection Phase of the AFED Initiative is out. From the report received from our main distributor in the United Kingdom (UK), Signet Corporation, 51% of the samples sent to the UK are successful (which means orders will be placed for them right away after agreeing on the pricing). About 26% of the samples need one form of modification or the other (which means that orders will only be placed when the modifications have been done), while the remaining 23% of the samples are not good for export at all because of either low quality, poor packaging or low market demand.

This has led to the conclusion of the phase three out of the five phases involved in the AFED Initiative. We will now commence the process of Signing all the necessary agreement in the phase four of this programme after which we will move on to the fifth and final phase, which is the Shipment of the selected goods to the buyers abroad.  

In his statement, after receiving the report from UK distributor, the Convener, Mr Bamidele Ayemibo said that the selection process was a rigorous one and it involved two main exhibition of the 104 samples to various wholesalers and retailers in the UK. He is very optimistic that this programme is going to contribute significantly to the growth of small scale manufacturers in Nigeria through the platform created by the programme which allow them to have access to various market in UK and other parts of Europe.

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