Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The 15Ps of Export Readiness Assessment Criteria

Many businesses around the world (both MSMEs and Corporate) that intend to go global or internationalise (sell their products are services abroad) have had to deal with a lot of challenges that have either stopped from starting exportation or unable to continue after a few shipments. Having observed this for over a decade as a consultant in the sector, I took it upon myself to find the focal point of this problem and the solutions to this challenge through a PhD research at LIGS University in the United States.

I glad to announce that I have found the focal point of this problem and this is the lack of Export Readiness. In order to successfully and sustainably export your products or services abroad, you MUST be export ready. In order to solve this problem (I tested the hypothesis on factors that position a business for internationalisation) and through this, I have been able to developed the most comprehensive export readiness factors/criteria in this field. This contains 15Ps of export criteria and this have been subdivided into four categories.

Through this research work, I have also developed an export readiness assessment model which any business from around the world can use to assess its level of export readiness (a web app is currently being developed for this). Upon completion of the export readiness assessment form, a report will be generated that shows the scores in each of the areas of readiness, the areas of improvement, the final score and the implication of the scores on the levels export readiness.

The attached picture shows the various areas of export readiness that are neeeded for a successful and sustainable and each of them will be explained in the coming days

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