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EXPORT CONNECT: Export Contract Demand and Supply

A. Export Contracts Available for Sale- We have the following export contracts available for sale.
  1. 200MT of lead ore (LC)
  2. 100MT of Mica (BC)
So if you are interested in executing any of these export contracts please call 08036522946, 01-8131517

B. Export Contracts in Demand- We have exporters in need of the following export contracts:
  1. Hardwood Charcoal
  2. Sheanut
  3. Shea butter
  4. Shelled Groundnut 
 So if you are a broker /buyer’s rep from abroad and you have export contracts for these products please call 08036522946, 01-8131517

EXPORT CONNECT: Overseas Buyers' Requests

Overseas buyers’ requests – We have buyers abroad requesting for the following products for export from Nigeria:
  1. One container of trial shipment for Gum Arabic Grade 1 to Europe
  2. One container of trial shipment for Crude Groundnut Oil to Europe
  3. Waste paper
  4. Copper Ore 5% purity minimum to be exported to China (About 1,000MT needed)
  5. Antimony to be exported to China
  6. Zinc Ore 35% purity minimum to be exported to China  (About 500MT needed)
  7. Germ stone to be exported China
  8. Quartz to be exported to Europe
  9. Cassava Chips- about 2000MT per month needed by a buyer from China
So if you can get any of these products and/or you will like to export them to the desired destination please call 08036522946, 01-8131517

EXPORT CONNECT: Products needed by Exporters in Lagos

Export Products in Demand: We have exporters that are presently looking for suppliers of the following products:
  1. Lead Ore: More than 500MT (30 trailer loads) per month. Quality range is needed is from 50-70%.
  2. Copper Ore: More than 1000MT (30 trailer loads) per month. Quality range is from 10-20%
  3. Mica: There is urgent need for more than 200MT of clean Mica. Mica is a shining and very flat sheet of silica obtained from the following area of Nassarawa, Bauchi, Benue, Borno, Kastina, Kebbi, Kogi, Ogun, Osun, Cross River, Plateau and FCT.
  4. Quartz  
  5. Dried Shea Nut and Premium Grade I Shea butter  
  6. Shelled Groundnuts
  7. Gum Arabic Grade 1
  8. Crude Groundnut Oil
  9. Waste Paper
So if you can supply any of these commodities and deliver them to Lagos please call 08036522946, 01-8131517

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thinking Of Starting Export Business In Nigeria?

1.                   Intending Exporter is advised to buy the 3T Impex Audio Export training Manual
2.                   Intending Exporter then registers a limited liability company through a lawyer
3.                   Intending Exporter obtains an Export License from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council
4.                   Intending Exporter subscribes for 3T Impex Export Mentoring Service
5.                   3T Impex carries out export planning with the exporter
6.                   Exporter secures an Export Contract through 3T Impex
7.                   Exporter sources for products and transport them Lagos using local suppliers
8.                   Exporter processes NXP form and pay NESS fees through your Bank
9.                   Exporters arrange for warehousing and Inspection through 3T Impex
10.               Exporter engages a freight forwarder
11.               Freight Forwarder Books a truck and container
12.               Freight forwarder loads and seals container at the warehouse
13.               Freight Forwarder transports goods to the port
14.               Customs inspects the goods at the port
15.               Freight forwarder delivers the goods to the shipping line 
16.               Freight forwarder obtains transport document from the shipping line
17.               Freight forwarder obtains Inspection report from Cobalt
18.               Freight forwarder obtaining customs documents
19.               Exporter prepares Invoice and Packing list its letterhead
20.               Exporter forwards shipping documents to its bank
21.               Exporter’s bank forwards documents to the Importer’s bank
22.               Importer’s bank obtain payment from Importers
23.               Importer’s bank releases documents to the importer
24.               Importer’s bank transfers funds to the Exporter’s Banks
25.               Exporter’s account is credited with the Export Proceeds