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FG Set To Export $10m Worth Of Vegetables

The Federal Government plans to export fresh vegetables worth $10 million in 2013, Mr. Mike Kanu,  Deputy Director, Horticulture in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, has said. Kanu said this in Umuahia at the commencement of the distribution of two tonnes of telferia seeds to selected farmers in Abia.

He said that the Federal Government was poised to transform the horticulture value chain as well as promote the sale of perishable goods from Nigeria in the international market.

“Federal Ministry of Agriculture through the horticulture value chain called for the list of vegetable farmers producers of especially telferia, which is popularly known as ’Ugu’.

This vegetable is one of those vegetables that are in high demand outside Nigeria. And based on its importance in the entire economy especially in health, providing the necessary vitamins and also as a major source of income to some major states in Nigeria.
The Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, approved the procurement of two metric tonnes of the seeds to be distributed to some selected farmers from the five states that is Abia , Ogun ,Delta, Cross River and Imo. Something like this vegetable special attention has to be paid towards their production. We will continue to distribute subsequently after this first batch.“

He said that no fewer than two hundred farmers drawn from the five states would benefit from the programme in the pilot phase. Kanu said that the farmers would be expected to establish 200 hectares of telferia farm across the country.

“The target is to market one million dollars worth of fresh produce including Ugu leaves, Okro is there, Tomato is there, Carrot is there,  Cucumber is there, in 2012 that was the target set. That of 2013 is 10 million. What are the things that will make us reach this target? Production of Ugu based on global good agricultural practices that will make your produce acceptable at the international market.“

Kanu said that the government was in partnership with the private sector in the initiative.

“We have what we call the Agricultural Fresh Producers Growers and Exporters Association of Nigeria (AFPGEA) with major key players like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and the Dangote Groups. “For which the government is trying to reposition to be in a better place to ensure the export of fresh produce from Nigeria to see if we can meet what other African countries are doing with exports produce.

“Currently we know that most horticultural crops are not officially exported outside Nigeria, whereas we have better advantage to dominate the entire European market.”

Kanu appealed to state governments to ensure the success of the programme in their respective states, saying that the Federal Government would not condone any act of FMBN restates commitment to provision of affordable houses

The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria will continue to provide decent and affordable houses for Nigerians in line with Federal Government’s housing policy, the Managing Director, Mr Gimba Kumo, has said. Kumo said this at a media round-table session on Thursday in Abuja by members the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the bank. He said that the revised Federal Government policy on housing for the people was designed to take care of the critical needs of different categories of Nigerians.

Speaking on the theme, ‘’The new initiative and business focus in housing finance’’, Kumo said that efforts were in top gear to sensitise every Nigerian to the new focus of the bank on mortgage financing. The managing director said the bank was working in collaboration with state governments and various agencies of government to provide decent and affordable houses for all the citizens of the country. He said that there were no exceptions in the new policy, noting that Nigerians, irrespective of their status, were eligible to benefit from its packages.

In his remark, President of the NUJ, Mr Mohammed Garba, appealed to the bank to avail members of the union the opportunity to own houses.

He solicited the assistance of the bank to enable journalists own houses in the FCT and others areas. Garba said that the FCT council of the union was already floating a cooperative society to secure  a mortgage facility from the bank. He said that journalists had made sacrifices for the unity and progress of the nation, stressing that they deserved decent and affordable houses for their families.

The NUJ leader said that the union would continue to support the bank in its task of providing mortgage facility for Nigerians to own decent accommodation wherever they wanted. The forum, one of numerous efforts made by the union to improve the welfare of its members, was attended many journalists and stakeholders in the housing sector.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Dear Readers,
The Management of 3T Impex Consulting Limited hereby introduce our Export Skill Acquisition and Mentoring Programme (ESAMP) to individual/organization (Politicians, government, NGO, philanthropist etc) who are looking for sustainable youth empowerment programmes to sponsor in their communities, local governments, states and geo-political zones.

ESAMP is designed to give the Nigerian graduates hands on training in the area of non-oil export. This training will enable them acquire the skills that are necessary for them to export different items (like food items, solid minerals and Agricultural commodities) from Nigeria and thereby earn foreign exchange and at the same time boost our foreign reserve.  

This programme goes beyond the training (which includes export and entrepreneurship training) for 3weeks in the sense that, it includes aggregating them into groups of cooperatives after the training. The sponsor then provides funds for each of the cooperatives and with this we can then take them through an Export Mentoring programme. The mentoring will involve hand holding them through the export processes (which include export planning, getting buyers abroad, sourcing good quality products, export documentation and port logistics) during their first sets of shipments till they can stand on their own and thereby becomes employers of labour.

This programme is unique and very laudable in the sense that it will expose the trainees to the potentials of the natural resources in the different geo-political zones of Nigeria, create entrepreneurs from among them and thus make them to become employers of labour in the nearest future. This will consequently increase employment opportunities and thus reduce poverty in the nation.

The ESAMP has been logically and systematically divided into five phases namely: Export Training, Aggregation into Cooperatives, Export Planning, Export Financing and Export Mentoring. The first three phases of this programme will take place in a camp while the remaining phases will take in their various locations upon receipt of funds from the sponsor.

The training will be done in batches depending on the number of people the financier intends to sponsor. Interested candidate will be asked to submit business plan on exportation of any Nigeria product or commodity. The candidates with the best 200 business plan will then undergo the training phase of the programme.

At the end of the training, the candidates will be allowed form 10 cooperatives of 20 members each.  Each Cooperative will be given N30Million as a grant to commence their export businesses and share the proceeds. This fund will be treated as a convertible loan from federal which will be converted to grant if they perform well and make significant progress in their export operations and or withdrawn from them if the funds are mismanaged by the group.

The ESAMP has numerous benefits and this include Building a self –sustaining system to empower the Youths and grow their SME export businesses. It will cause increase in demand for both Agric commodities and solid minerals and thereby create more Job for the farmers and miners and this will in turn reduce poverty among the good people and boost the economy.  This initiative will create a legacy for which all the good people of the Nigeria will remember and be forever grateful to the sponsor.  

We are willing to sell the copyright of this idea to any individual/organization (Politicians, government, NGO, philanthropist etc) who would like own the idea and implement by themselves or with our support and input.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Dear readers, 
We will like to intimate you with the details of our new initiative to promote export in Nigeria right from the Citadel of learning. This is aimed at creating jobs, reducing unemployment and consequently poverty in Nigeria. We will appreciate if you can be part of this and we will also like to say that No amount is too small.

As part of our objective to promote export business in Nigeria, 3T Impex is launching a strategic programme to grow an export oriented generation by educating and exposing the youth in tertiary institutions all over Nigeria to relevant export business information. This is aimed at sensitizing them on the immense opportunities that abounds in the non-oil export sector of the economy and how they can benefit profitably from it as a student (during their holidays) and as a young graduate. This will consequently reduce the unemployment rate in the country and help create young, skillful, vibrant and well equipped export trade entrepreneurs. This initiative is aimed at creating more Jobs (by self employed young graduate in export business), thus reducing poverty and consequently improving our economy via the growth of GDP that would result from massive exportation.

The EPITI Project
To achieve this feat, we have come up with a programme called Export Promotion In Tertiary Institutions (The EPITI Project). To execute this project, we have put together a product called the ABC of Export. This CD contains 2hours of disseminating export information in mp3 format which is divided into 12tracks on an Audio CD. We therefore need sponsorship of the production, packaging, campus launch through free export seminars and the distribution of the product during the seminar.

The EPITI Project will be launched in at least one major campus in each of the 36 states of the federation including Federal Capital Territory. Our target is to reach at least 10,000 students in each of the states in the federation. Our estimation of the total cost per ABC of Export audio CD to be distributed on these campuses during the seminar is NGN200 (Two hundred Naira only). This covers the cost of production, packaging, campus publicity and product launch through free export seminars and the distribution of each of the CDs. Altogether, we intend to produce and distribute a total of 400,000 copies of this product for free.

We are therefore soliciting for partnership with your organization to sponsor this project in part or in whole as part of the organization’s contribution to the growth of the Nigerian GDP through exportation, sustainable employment generation and drastic reduction in the poverty level across the country.
Area of Sponsorship
The Sponsorship of The EPITI Project has been segmented to enable each organization sponsor different aspects of the project based on their area of interest, region and capital.  A sponsor can therefore limit its sponsorship to:
1.     A particular state
2.     A particular geopolitical zone
3.     A particular amount
4.     A particular number copies of the CDs
5.     A particular area of the logistics (Production, packaging, publicity, transport etc)
Depending on the area of interest of each sponsor, the breakdown of all the cost implications will be made available to each partner in this project upon request.

Benefit to the Sponsor
Considering the fact that this project is going to cover every state in this country with a target of about 10,000 students in each state, the products and services of each sponsor will be given immense publicity through:
1.    Their logo which will be printed on the CD pack/sleeve
2.    Distribution of their handbills and fliers on all the campuses
3.    A short presentation of their products and services before the students during the free seminar.

We are willing to sell the copyright of this idea to any individual/organization (Politicians, government, NGO, philanthropist etc) who would like own the idea and implement by themselves or with our support and input.

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FG Launches e-Registration Website to Tackle Informal Exports

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) has launched e-registration Website and e-registration booklet to reduce the volume of consignment leaving the country through informal exports.
The Executive Director, NEPC, David Adulugba, who said this at the launch in Abuja expressed regret that the quantum of goods leaving the country annually without documentation was worrisome.
Adulugba said the launch of the site - - and the booklet was vital to the growth of the non-oil export sector. He said the initiatives would enhance the process of registering products meant for export as well as assist in capturing data of the informal trade between Nigeria and other countries.
Adulugba said findings by the agency revealed that there were 48 loading points where goods were exported to other countries informally. He expressed concern that more than three quarters of the goods leaving the country were informal, adding the agency was ready to tackle the problem promptly.
He said that normalising all informal exports would help to grow the economy. Adulugba said NEPC had also established e-registration office at the headquarters to change the usual bureaucratic approach in government business as well as help in registering exporters and bringing the much-needed foreign direct investment to the country.
The NEPC boss said the initiatives would promote the council’s activities in all the available social network sites on the Internet. He said the features of the e-registration include development of a database system for potential exporters to upload all the necessary and required documents on registration for the purpose of verification.

Friday, May 3, 2013